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It is an honour to invite you to participate in out festival.

For the seventh year in a row I have been organising a festival of erotic poetry, which gained in reputation and prestige over the years also outside of our borders. More and more poets from abroad are submitting their work, and since I do not know all these poets, I decided to ask for help from you, the experts in poetry from different regions and countries, who will disseminate this call to submissions among your esteemed colleagues. Then you will organise a literary evening of erotic poetry and select the three submissions to be published in our collection, and two candidates who will enter the competition for the title of the Muse or Apollo of 2019. You, as the organiser, are invited to the 7th International Erotic Poetry Festival as a guest; of course, you are also invited to send in your own submissions.

The preselection procedure must be carried out before 15 June, when you will send your poems to be translated. The festival itself will be held in Maribor on the 28, 29 and 30 June and will accompany one of the most famous festivals in Europe – the Festival Lent.

I look forward to meeting you.

The Založba MAUS Publishing House is opening a competition for the best original unpublished EROTIC poem.

We accept submissions with a single poem, which should not be longer than 60 lines, in the Slovene language, and by authors who are 18 or older.

A six-member panel of experts in erotic poetry will select the most convincing submissions, which will be entered into the programme of the festival, where we will also award the best interpretation of a poem. We will also publish a collection of poems with the most original poems by our erotic Muses and Apollos.

The expert panel will select the MUSE/APOLLO of the 7th Erotic Festival,

who will receive a practical gift, a book and a monetary award

Authors must send their entries to the address Založba MAUS, Kacova ul. 1, 2000 Maribor, under the heading “MUZE, PRI MUZAH, Z MUZAMI” before 1 May 2109.

The poems should be signed only by a codename; enclose a separate envelope marked with the codename containing the author’s name, surname, address, email and telephone number.

The expert panel will announce the winners on 15 June 2019. For additional information, please write to natasa.svikart@gmail.com or call +386 (0) 7063595

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